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So we thought we would explain our park in a little more detail . Auchengower is mostly residential with some homes being used as holiday homes. All of our residents are of a certain age retired or near retirement . The homes that are used for holidays fit in the same age group. All homes on site are bought brand new from our self or on a rare occasion you may be able to purchase one for sale from a resident on site. Auchengower park is the ideal place to enjoy retirement or to visit when you can take a holiday . Ideal for people who are looking for a quiet and tranquil area where they can relax and take in the amazing views and and appreciate nature. Even though we are hidden in greenery the nearest town is only 2 miles away so you will not have far to go for shops , restaurants or transport to other towns and city's . We hope this little bit of information helps . If any more information is needed please drop us an email and feel free to visit our park and see for yourself.

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